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    Angelika, 25 october 2020

    This brand is a woman. Demanding quality, uniqueness, and the best of life. It is expressive and breaks down barriers. She plays with fashion and for her age are only numbers. She loves to live! She loves to celebrate every moment and does not deny himself a pleasure. She does not care what is fashionable - She wants to feel good in clothes, why she often focuses on timeless cuts in original colors.

    That's what designed dresses are like. They are characterized by dynamism, modernity, and versatility. The brand is dynamic, modern but also universal. Strong cuts do not skimp on femininity but emphasize it, giving it a big-city style. The designs are not afraid of strong and expressive colors, interesting and unusual textures. They are characterized by finesse and precision of execution.

    The brand headed by Angelika Józefczyk has an uncompromising approach to quality. We know that everything starts with fabrics, which is why several years of searching for material suppliers have resulted in cooperation with the leaders of European production. When a base is chosen, it gets a life at a local tailor shop. Angelika Józefczyk believes in the art of tailoring and local craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, therefore all projects are carried out in her family workshop with the best seamstresses.

    The brand is characterized by wide cuffs fastened with decorative buttons, stripes emphasizing the waist and oversized sleeves with pleats. The world of dresses is complementary contrasts, there is no place for boredom. The collection includes a whole range of proposals - from minimalist, simple nude dresses to extravagant, full frill dresses.

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