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    NEW IN : LATEST COLLECTIONS 2020 by Angelika Józefczyk

    Other brands dress the masses, I dress individualistic.

    Bussines wear | Dresses | Casual Wear

    Long Penelope Dress

    320.00 EUR

    Batik Dress Lusia

    260.00 EUR

    Timeless Icon Camel Wool-Blend Coat

    840.00 EUR420.00 EUR

    Timeless Icon Green Wool-Blend Coat

    480.00 EUR240.00 EUR

    Dress Rebecca

    340.00 EUR

    Diana Long Blezer

    320.00 EUR

    Batik Summer Viscose Dress

    260.00 EUR

    Rossie summer frill dress

    220.00 EUR

    Batik Skirt Charlotte

    190.00 EUR

    Top Charlotte

    120.00 EUR

    Platino Leather Belt

    90.00 EUR

    Skirt Charlotte

    220.00 EUR

    Abba Long Blezer

    260.00 EUR

    Bodycon Galla Dress

    320.00 EUR

    Marina Dress

    280.00 EUR

    Batik Bandama Top

    90.00 EUR

    Nude Long Blazer

    250.00 EUR

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